August 10, 2018 • Web

Buy my book [or commission a website for your book, whatever works for you]

Website: These Are My Friends on Politics promo site
Client: Me
Technologies used: HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress
Contributions: Designed and built the site, created a custom WordPress theme for the blog.
Demo: Link

In 2016, I made my debut as an author (if not, technically, a book illustrator), and while I was funding pre-orders for the book, I used this website to give people a comfortable landing spot (rather than, say, dropping them face-first onto a page asking them to buy something they barely know anything about). It’s economical on words and heavy on color, which I feel is a fitting site for a book that’s constructed with a similar ratio of words to bright colors.

The only downside is the updates section — not because of how it looks or functions, but because I did a poor job of actually using it to provide updates. There are four, but the “Making a Book Series” may as well have been a network television show for how unceremoniously it was unexpectedly halted. (I got sidetracked.)

Anyway, the book is still, of course, available for sale. If you need a Christmas, Thanksgiving or other gift to calm people down following this upcoming election, here you go.