January 1, 2023 • Web

2020 Voter Guide for HBCU Students


Do you remember the 2020 presidential election? It was the biggest election of our lifetime (since the 2016 election) and remained so until the 2022 election, which was the biggest election of our time until the 2024 election, which has been underway since November 2022. Pretty exhausting!

Anyway, for the 2020 election, I was tapped — as part of a partnership between Flytedesk and Vote.org — to build the web version of the HBCU Voter’s Guide, a resource designed for students attending historically black colleges and universities in states (Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia) where polling was a coin toss between the two parties. Each guide featured two centerpieces — a candidate breakdown and a procedures guide for voting in person and via mail-in ballot — but also included feature articles on each state’s political and societal past, present and potential future.

The whole thing, like so many other things in 2020, came in a little hot, and the entire process of gathering stories, designing the site and putting it all together happened in about 3 weeks, if that, to ensure it was live by late September/early October. Given its time-limited utility, it also didn’t live very long, but archive.org has a copy of it over here.