July 12, 2020 • Web

Rhuined Fiction: Website Edition

Website: Rhuined Fiction
Client: Scott Rhuin
Technologies used: HTML, CSS, SQL, a steady drawing hand
Contributions: Hand-drew all the art (book covers aside), hand-coded the website
Demo: Link

I made this author website for my friend Chri Scott, and it’s one of those sites that would’ve taken about 15 minutes to make in 1997 and 11 years to make in 2020. Exaggerating, of course, but making a highly bespoke website that looks tailor made for every single screen size in the world held in every possible direction is an art form not to be taken lightly. (Actually, outside of the very temperamental front page, it’s not that hard with practice. But that front page and I had words while it was coming together.)

(And yes, I drew the pictures too.)

(Shameless plug, though not for me: Get his books here.)