April 10, 2024 • Web

I know they said anybody could do this but I’m here to tell you it’s not your fault that you actually can’t


My work on Grayrails Consulting’s new website marked my first foray into the world of Squarespace. The domain was already hosted there when I was brought in to build a site around it, and I’ve always been curious how much truth all those podcast ads were telling about what level of looming threat Squarespace is to the financial well-being of web developers everywhere, so I just left it there for their sake and dove in for mine.

Upon emerging from the morass, I not only no longer am worried, but I think there’s a whole second and maybe only career’s worth of potential in creating a business devoted to rescuing websites halfway built by people who hear those ads, jump in, and sink into the quicksand that is that fussy user interface. I’ve written websites from a blank text editor window that were easier than getting the damn header font to line up the way I want it to line up against the body copy (only to watch it fall out of alignment on mobile, only to fix that and watch it fall out of alignment on desktop, only to f—

Impressive technology for sure, and I think it turned out nice so you definitely can create some pretty pages with it. But if I got as annoyed as I did with it, there’s a whole universe of people who are twice as frustrated and need my help. I just need to go and look for them.