July 12, 2022 • Books // Design

Why? Because we… felt like it


(Originally published May 21, 2013.)

This was fun. My friend Angela and I got an assignment to illustrate a children’s board book for a company called HighReach Learning. The subject? Fun with colors. Heavy stuff when you’re two years old.

Anyway, rather than draw or do something we’ve always done, we decided to design everything out of felt and build the scenes that way, just because that seemed like a fun and unique thing to do and no one explicitly told us not to do it. Sure enough, it was fun, and I think it turned out very nicely once in print. The company liked it too: When we handed in the work, they didn’t want a single thing changed.

Sadly, there was never a sequel. Did the fun with colors continue? We’ll never know, but my guess is yes, it did.