July 1, 2022 • Books // Design // Illustration

My Dog Wasn’t Famous, But Let Me Tell You a Story About Her Anyway

(Originally published August 30, 2017)

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Last month, my 16-year-old dog (and constant social media profile pic stand-in) passed away. I haven’t brought it up much because (a) I didn’t feel like it and (b) I didn’t have anything valuable to say about losing a beloved pet beyond the fact that I do not recommend the experience. For those who didn’t know Nina firsthand, I’d rather leave you with something uplifting that characterized her life than simply share some sad news amid the endless bad news that keeps hitting us these days.

So I did the reasonable thing and wrote and illustrated and published a book about her instead. It’s nothing extraordinary — look, *you* try making a book in a month in your spare time during one of your busiest work periods of the year — but it conveys much of what made Nina such a big deal in this little corner of the world. And it has some pretty pictures in it. And it’s more funny than sad. And perhaps it’s a nice distraction and reminder that the world isn’t all bad even if we’re threatening to end it with simultaneous nuclear and civil wars.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy. If you have any dog-loving friends whom you think would enjoy this, please pass it on.