June 15, 2020 • Illustration


Your annual warning to not install developer or even public betas of Apple software unless you know what you’re doing. I know what I’m doing and have both good reasons for and no regrets about unleashing Big Sur on this little MacBook Air, but that doesn’t mean I don’t…

…every time I look at the unfinished state of that menu bar, which would look even worse if I didn’t add a thick strip of solid raspberry to the top my wallpaper to compensate for the worst use of transparency I’ve ever seen. Why is this all so ugly? No matter. If reading this post bored you, imagine how bored you’ll be while waiting for these issues to get cleaned up while third party developers get their software working on the new OS. Stay away until it’s safe to jump in.

(I drew the robot in that wallpaper, hence why this qualifies as a portfolio entry. Like I said, more of these to come.)