May 5, 2019 • Web

You can’t tame the First Amendment, but you can tame iFrames

Website: 2019 World Press Freedom Day mini-site
Client: Society of Professional Journalists
Technologies used: HTML, CSS
Contributions: Soup to nuts
Demo: Link

SPJ had a bit of a transitionary 2019 due to some leadership shakeups, so when we had a chance to catch our breath and put on a big event with some big names and partners, we needed a nice, simple, premium-feeling website to announce and eventually archive that event. Have you ever opened a foil envelope instead of the typical paper ones? Or have you experienced the sensation of opening a pack of Upper Deck baseball cards in 1989? It had to be something like that.

So that’s all this is — a basic mini-site, with basic information, that looks like it’s stamped in foil (without actually using a JPEG texture image of foil, which would look terrible). Following the event, I embedded video replays of the panels and speeches, and took the best care I could to make those videos look seamlessly embedded despite the wishes and worst intentions of the <iframe> HTML tag. It’s a small but important victory for aesthetics.