August 10, 2018 • Web

An OK Website

Website: An OK Wedding
Client: Us
Technologies used: HTML, CSS, a couple lines of JavaScript and one line of PHP
Contributions: Built and designed the site, drew the art.

I generally have a rule against mixing business stuff and personal stuff on here, so I’ll keep this basic, vague and boring: We needed a non-traditional wedding site for our non-traditional wedding plans, and it was of course a no-brainer for me to build it.

It’s an incredibly simple display/RSVP site, albeit with some Easter eggs and little surprises (both in the header image and down below). I’d go into further detail about those, but there’s that whole business/personal thing, and I’m really just using this entry as a means to show off that I’m capable of making something for you that looks like this (complete with your own inside jokes, if you’re marrying someone with a sense of humor. If you aren’t … I don’t know, maybe reconsider?)