May 6, 2013 • Archive // Illustration

That sorta looks like that something something of liberty


In addition to this highly detailed and drawn-to-scale map I drew for the MDA Great Walk, I designed this logo for one of their summer camp programs. The theme was world travel, so I drew a passport that functioned like a pop-up book, with famous landmarks popping out.

I’m telling you this as if you somehow can read this text but can’t see the image for yourself right above it, as if it’s still 1995 and you’ve toggled your copy of Netscape Navigator to not download images in order to load pages in under a minute because you still pay for your connection to AOL by the hour. It’s not like I don’t think you can’t figure out the image yourself. Just so you know.

Anyway, as part of my reward for making this, I got a summer camp t-shirt (with logo front and center) without having to actually go to summer camp. I beat the system again, in other words.