May 6, 2013 • Design

Occam’s Logo


I came up with about 25 different concepts for this logo, which is for my friend Fran’s Chicago-based music management outfit. The one above was, I think, the very last one I came up with. It was also the simplest, and definitely one of those that I thought of late and added in just to diversify the range of possible ideas on which to build. I liked it, but if there was a horse race and all the logo concepts I came up with were horses, I’d have pegged it for a middle-of-the-pack finish. I’d also be super rich, because I could design logos that magically turn into prizewinning horses, which I have to imagine would be very lucrative.

Anyway, a little tip for all you amateur designers: It pays to be versatile, because you never totally know what will click with others. She narrowed it down to two favorites, put it to a vote among friends, and this is the one that won. Works for me.

The runner-up is still in commission as well, though I’ll make you visit the website to see that one. I didn’t design the site — just doing some friendly shilling here. If you’re in the Chicago area have musical talent and need a manager, she seems good at her job. I have no idea what goes into that kind of job, but the results pass the eye test and that’s scientific enough for me.