May 5, 2013 • Archive // Etc


I don’t dive into Flash very often these days — my 2004ish purchase of the Flash Actionscript 2.0 Bible was, in retrospect, not the $35 investment in my future employability that I thought it was going to be, and believe me when I say I’m not complaining because wow, what a mess that language was to use — but when necessary, my memory is good enough to produce an animation like this without much trouble. (Worth noting: I didn’t make the logo — just animated it.) This is a bumper for a series of YouTube videos and what you see is what it is: The arrow hits the target flush every single time and that’s that. You have no influence on the arrow and it will go on forever until you close the window, which I’m guessing you already did before you even read this far. If you’re still here, though, and you’re looking for animated objects that need your help, go entertain these aliens.