April 30, 2007 • Archive // Design

That book is falling apart


2006, Society of Professional Journalists

My very first assignment as SPJ’s Web guy involved something that had nothing to do with the Web, which was great because I had no idea what the hell I’d just gotten myself into with quitting my day job to redesign a humongous Web site from scratch. (Long story short: I got the job done. Somehow.)

Anyway, this is a logo for SPJ’s then-new Narrative Writing Workshop series. They wanted something clean and simple, so that’s what I gave them. Actually, I tried something a little more out-there as well, but it was a little too out there and this got the nod instead.

I’m still looking for a way to use that other drawing, and I actually have a plan if the Cubs reach the 100-year-without-a-World-Series-win milestone. One more year. I’d cross my fingers, but really, do I need to?