March 15, 2007 • Archive // Design // Illustration

Lousiest Sams Club drawing ever


Muscular Dystrophy Association, 2005

I designed this map as a favor for a friend, who works at MDA (or the MDA, I’m not sure). It’s obviously not to scale or anything, but rather it’s like that Krusty Burger map Homer used to get him, Bart and Flanders lost that one time.

The purpose of the map was to give people an abstract idea of the route this particular walk would take — past the Main St. bridge, near some horses, around a doggy park with a huge-eared paranoid dog in it, and into the picnic area, which is across the street from a Sam’s Club that could collapse at any moment.

I drew the map and did the layout, which is why it’s in both categories. I considered adding it to animation as well, since you can print it out and wave it around, but that’s just stupid.