March 14, 2007 • Archive // Design

What tools do you need? Why, Glidden paint, of course


Tribune Media Services, September 2005

During the second half of my reign at TMS, the division I worked for tried to find new ways to make money, as companies do. The big one was like the section you see above, which was designed in conjunction with Glidden paint. It’s basically a mix of advertising and semi-editorial content meant to somewhat subliminally market stuff to people while giving them something to read — in the case of this section, a how-to on how to paint a wall. Just in case you couldn’t crack that riddle on your own.

It didn’t ultimately go anywhere, but I still like how the design turned out. I especially like the page on the bottom right, where the happy couple has decided to take a breather and proudly admire approximately three minutes of hard work. Good job, you two.