October 17, 2006 • Archive // Etc

Greed Slots

Yay, slots. How original and exciting. Like the Leaf Dive game before it, this slot machine is just a repackaged game from one of the many free animated greetings you can send to friends, enemies and total strangers. Because it was packaged as part of a quickie greeting card, I made it fairly generous as far as slot machines go. It pays out a lot … to the tune of billions of dollars in, like, 15 minutes.

So to make things interesting when redesigning this for the animation section, I made some tweaks to the betting system. For instance, instead of accepting one stupid chip every time you click the coin deposit, the machine now takes 1 percent of your winnings as the minimum bet. So when you’re up a billion dollars, you don’t have to click the coin deposit slot 100 million times to keep things interesting. (You can also type in a bet into the “Your Bet” field and just click on the slot handle, but you don’t get that cool coin clink sound if you do that.) A “repeat bet” button also was added for compulsive one-click convenience.

And just for fun, there’s a “Bet it all!” button right next to it, taunting you to press it. How many billions and trillions can you win before you give in, press the red button and lose it all like a big idiot? Better yet, how soon until you press it BY ACCIDENT and lose it all like an even BIGGER idiot? See how much you can rack up before your ship sinks (or you get bored). My record: 1.39238e+17 or something like that. Beat that.