November 1, 2005 • Archive // Illustration

You’d look frazzled too

15You have to wonder what kind of life a bird who is built like this could have. His body is completely out of proportion, so you know walking can’t be the easiest thing in the world.

But birds can fly, you say. Well sure, many birds can. But look at that wing. Not only is it comically small, but it’s basically the equivilent of you or me having our left arm attached to our ear instead of our shoulder. The next time you go outside, try running around with your arm perpendicular to your head. It’s useless and children will cry at the sight of you.

Hence, the expression on the bird’s face. Or at least, it works out that way. None of these thoughts actually crossed my mind when I was drawing this. I was simply bored at work, as I often was at that job.