May 30, 2003 • Archive // Etc

Build a dictator, watch it fall. All in about two minutes.

Okay, this is kinda neat, if I do say so myself. Click on the pieces to select them, manipulate them (except the head) with the keys listed on the right, and build a statue in honor of yourself or someone else you can’t stand. Then watch the peons knock it down and drag it around.

This isn’t exactly timely anymore, since Iraq is now the United States’ 51st state and terrorism and evil have been permanently conquered. Nevertheless, enjoy. I basically hatched this idea on the train one day, and more or less wanted to see if I could pull it off the way I envisioned it. I couldn’t, but it’s better than I figured I’d get it, which may say something about my own self-disdain or ability to achieve beyond my wildest dreams — a fact I doubt, given my self-disdain.