November 30, 2000 • Archive // Etc

Alien Piano Dinner Theatre

Edgy this is not. It’s just a quaint little game in which you, the pianist, can play a song by clicking on the piano keys or using your keyboard. When you play the piano (which sounds, of course, like a xylophone), the aliens will sit in quiet awe. Beats me why I used aliens, but it just felt so right. When you stop playing, they will applaud you. And they will never, ever stop clapping until you start another song. You will never be booed or thrown out of the building. Like I said, it’s quaint. Enjoy, everybody.

The FUN way to play on the piano (the simple but boring way is below): The letters on the piano keys are the letters you can press on the keyboard to play those keys. In other words, to play the piano key with the letter G on it, press the G key on your keyboard. You can play just about any song you like this way. Try playing two keys at once, or sliding your finger across the keyboard. Or just curse and close the window.