November 11, 2000 • Archive // Etc

In case you miss those wonderful debates…

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…not to worry, because now you can enjoy them any damn minute of your clearly awful life! Before there was the great State of the Union Address 2003 and 2004 simulators, there was this, which took snippets from one of the Bush-Gore debates, randomized it and gave you, the viewer, the only chance you may ever get to hear George Bush and Al Gore string together a truthful sentence. And hey, look, there’s Ralph Nader.

As you State of the Union Address 2003 and 2004 fans will notice, this debate is horribly archaic even by those lousy animations’ standards. The art (which I drew straight into Flash instead of by hand and scanning in, like I do now) is hideous and weird. The animation is bad, the sound is of dismal quality and the pacing of the random sentences is just plain bad. Not enough room in the budget for a decent background even. Fortunately, my grasp of Flash has improved considerably since 2000, even if┬ánothing else has.